We offer remittances / Demand Drafts for following events

1 Guest travelling for Private visits
2 Remittance by tour operators / travel agents to overseas agents / principals / hotels
3 Business travel,
4 Fee for participation in global conferences and specialized training
5 Remittance for participation in international events / competitions (towards training, sponsorship and prize money)
6 Medical treatment abroad
A. For maintenance expenses of a patient going abroad for medical treatment
Eligibility : USD 25,000 per Trip
B. attendant to a patient going abroad for medical treatment/check-up.
Eligibility : USD 25,000 per Trip
7 Overseas education
8 Remittance under educational tie up arrangements with universities abroad
9 Remittance towards fees for examinations held in India and abroad and additional score sheets for GRE, TOEFL, etc.
10 Emigration and emigration consultancy fees
11 Visa fees
12 Registration / Subscription /Membership fees to International Organisations

For further details please call at 01762-508-101

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